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H&M Steal

Coming off of Labor Day weekend I quickly had to share this Deal at a Steal. I went to the mall looking for something to wear to my Labor Day comedy show.

I stumbled into H&M and found this…

Did you see that price?

Who doesn’t love metallics? Well, I guess there’s someone, but that someone is not me. You can do so much with it… dress it up or down.

  Here it is with a metallic belt I own. White shorts would also look really nice with this bronze color.

At this price I had to get 2, hee hee.


I don’t know if you can tell but this is cream with gold metallic. For my Labor Day All-White comedy show I wore this shirt with the necklace, white jeans, and a pair of sexy heels. I also made the shirt a little tighter in the waist by doing a gathering trick on the inside. Sorry I don’t have a pic but I was rushing and didn’t even think about taking one.  I have to remember that I’m a blogger now, lol. Anyhoo, it ended up looking very classy clean and down-right cute if I say so myself. 🙂

I just purchased these on Sunday 9/2/12 so stop by your local H&M and see if they have any more. There were even some non-metallic fabrics, a black & white print and a kelly green version.

Happy shopping!

Day After Labor Day BBQ

So I spent my actual Labor Day doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I did tons of blog work, joke writing, and other computer-related jobs. Needless to say, what I did not do is attend a BBQ or more importantly eat any BBQ (1 of my favorite foods) or really, eat anyting at all.

So I made up for it today. This will probably gross out all vegans, vegetarians, members of PETA, and all around animal lovers. I am a self-proclaimed carnivore and decided to share my glorious, fullfilling “Day After Labor Day BBQ” meal. When viewing pics keep in mind that I was starving!

– BBQ’d chicken, steak, pork, couple of ribs my guy made, and sliders

Potatoe salad

– Fried white corn

Deviled eggs

I hope all my carnivorous friends enjoy the view as much as I enjoyed the plate. I was going to make a green salad but… where would I put it?

 Okay, this is my boyfriends plate, not mine.

  Here’s mine, lol, not much better.

Don’t worry, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We both left more than half of our plates full. They will be cleaned at a later time. Like in a couple of hours ;-).

I hope you all had a very lovely Labor Day!

Recession Diamonds

Here is another Daily Deal‘n video.

Ladies, are you okay receiving these as a gift from a man? Let me know your thoughts.

Men, how do feel about giving such a gift? Are you the type that if you can’t afford diamonds you’ll wait until you can? Share your thoughts.

Happy Labor Day!!! Be safe and enjoy.

(Groupon white topaz earrings)


Hey guys,

Still looking for something to do for Labor Day? Sunday Septmber 2, 2012 I’ll be performing on a fabulous yacht. We leave from Marina Del Rey for a 4 hour trip. ALL you can eat, open bar ALL night, funny comics, and a fantastic fashion show. How sexy is that????

Tickets are selling out. Get yours NOW!!!


FOR SALE: BCBG, Brand new 2012 line

BRAND New, NEVER worn, tags still on. Make an offer.  Items are now on sale so check the internet for the lowest price and we’ll talk :-).

Runway Magda Color-Blocked Dress – orig. $458.00, size extra-small but doesn’t look it @ all.

Letesia Ankle A-Line Skirt – orig. $378.00, was on sale, paid $220.00, size small w/elastic waist

Runway Kesi Blouse– orig. $248.00, size small

Shrimp Tacos

Easy, light, fresh, and won’t break your budget.


Corn Tortillas

Raw Shrimp (you can get as much or as less as you need, 1/4lb will feed 2 ppl. Even @ $8/lb, that’s only $2 for your tacos :-). I also split them lengthwise before cooking)

Cilantro (I used as lettuce but you can also add shredded lettuce or cabbage)

Tomatoes, chopped

Fresh lime, squeeze on taco

Onion, chopped (optional)

Crumbled El Mexicano Queso Casero cheese (but any type will do)

Cilantro lime dressing, sour cream or my new ‘light’ favorite, plain yogurt (tastes the same and less calories)

Sautee shrimp in pan w/ a lil olive oil, Old Bay Seasoning, and fresh lemon or lime juice. Basically, season to your taste. If you like garlic…add it, you’re eating it. Shrimp cooks quickly so as soon as it turns pink get ready to take it off the stove. While sauteeing, warm tortillas in microwave or one-by-one on a gas burner, flipping once. That’s it! Fill warm tortillas with all ingredients and enjoy. Serve with warmed tortilla chips and guacamole if you have it.