My Standup TV Debut TONIGHT 5/14/13!!! OMG!!!

I know I am sooo tardy with this post. I apologize. Been crazy busy, yadda, yadda, yadda. Jump to…

TONIGHT, Tuesday May 14, 2013, I will be headlining episode 8 of the new show “Stand Up & Deliver” on nuvoTV. NuvoTV even has me on their homepage with a link to my very own FULL page write up. Hit the link to read it…

cb-37190_186x186NuvotvPostcard 6

I’ve done some other stuff (toot toot, lol), but this is my first tv appearance doing comedy. It’s not a 30 minute special of “just me” (yet) but it’s 6 minutes of me in all my glory. Ha! Plus, there are some other very talented ladies on the show tonight as well. This episode has been dubbed “Ladies Night”, respectfully. 

NuvoTV used to be SiTV but has now partnered with Jennifer Lopez to become an even better network. Look out for them. They’re great!

I hope you enjoy seeing me do what I love to do. Follow your dreams! I used to do cancer research but now I laugh for a living. It’s never too late.


Sit back, grab some chips, dips, a beer, a drank and enjoy the show!

Thanks for the love and support. I love ya back!!!

ps. If you can’t get nuvoTV my episode 8 will be at

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