The Foodie In Me

Okay, so I have a 300lb woman inside of me and I’m not ashamed to admit it. As a friend often reminds me, “Courtney, you’ll eat anything”. While I won’t eat anything, I’ll surely taste most things. Watch your plate. I’m “that”girl.  🙂

The foodie in me takes pics of all thing delicious. I cook, I eat out and I will share it all with you.

You may wonder where does the Daily Deal’n come in? Well, of course I buy restaurant Daily Deals but I also purchase groceries on the low. I’m not a coupon clipper, anymore, but I get my store circular out and hit it! Another friend teases the fact that I buy meat “on sale”. Mind you, not post expiration date, just “on sale”. Why go to the grocery store and pay full price for a steak or a chicken when ALL USDA Prime beef will be 50% off tomorrow? Or “Get 50% off ALL Foster Farms chicken” is being advertised?

Shop smart, not hungry!


POP’s Hot Dogs

Day After Labor Day BBQ

Shrimp Tacos: Delicious, Easy, and Quick

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