Day After Labor Day BBQ

So I spent my actual Labor Day doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I did tons of blog work, joke writing, and other computer-related jobs. Needless to say, what I did not do is attend a BBQ or more importantly eat any BBQ (1 of my favorite foods) or really, eat anyting at all.

So I made up for it today. This will probably gross out all vegans, vegetarians, members of PETA, and all around animal lovers. I am a self-proclaimed carnivore and decided to share my glorious, fullfilling “Day After Labor Day BBQ” meal. When viewing pics keep in mind that I was starving!

– BBQ’d chicken, steak, pork, couple of ribs my guy made, and sliders

Potatoe salad

– Fried white corn

Deviled eggs

I hope all my carnivorous friends enjoy the view as much as I enjoyed the plate. I was going to make a green salad but… where would I put it?

 Okay, this is my boyfriends plate, not mine.

  Here’s mine, lol, not much better.

Don’t worry, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We both left more than half of our plates full. They will be cleaned at a later time. Like in a couple of hours ;-).

I hope you all had a very lovely Labor Day!

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