2012 Debate #2: Michelle Obama Speaks!

Michelle Obama Speaks on Debate #1

Editing Software $25

A lot of people have been asking me for editing software suggestions. So once I saw this Groupon I knew I had to share it.

Groupon has the Nero 11 Multimedia Software available at a great price. It was recommended to me by a very knowledgeable computer whiz. There is only 1 day left to get this deal for $25.00, normally $99.99.

Jump on it people. I am ūüôā

Happy editing!!!

(Originally posted 10/8/12)

Whale Watching GIVEAWAY!!!!

I’ve been under the weather and haven’t posted in a while. I’ve missed you but I’m back and feeling¬†better! And what other way to come back than with a GIVEAWAY?

If you saw¬†this video post KILLER WHALE… watching, you know how much fun I had on¬†my whale watching¬†daily deal. Soooo, the generous people at Harbor Breeze Cruises (www.2seeWhales.com)¬†have gifted me passes for a lucky person to experience the same fun.

PRIZE: One lucky winner will be given 2 tickets for you and a guest to go on a¬†whale watching cruise from Long Beach, CA, (package worth $90). A naturalist from the Aquarium of the Pacific narrates the tour, which also offers chances to spot dolphins, sea lions and other marine life. Watch my video¬†KILLER WHALE…watching¬†to see what it’s all about.

I apologize for this being a local deal but ANYONE may enter, even international readers. The passes are good until April 30, 2013 so if you are thinking of visiting Los Angeles or want to gift them to someone who is, there is¬†plenty of time to redeem. Otherwise, if you¬†won’t be able¬†to use them, please be considerate and¬†do not enter.

The RULES to enter are simple. Complete the tasks below using the Rafflecopter form. Task #1 & #2 are mandatory. Each task is worth a different number of entries. Completing the additional tasks give you more entries which means a greater chance to win. Results will be tallied using the Rafflecopter form which is the only way to enter. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries.

1) You MUST share the giveaway link either¬†on Facebook or on Twitter with the title “DailyDealn.com GIVEAWAY”. You MUST include the hashtag #WhaleWatchingDDGIVEAWAY in the share. Tell me where you shared the link (Facebook or Twitter)¬†in a comment on this giveaway post when you leave your answer to the mandatory question in #2 below. I will be checking :-).¬†¬†(2 entries)

2) Answer the question: View my daily deals below and tell me which one, a/b/c,¬†is your favorite and why? Leave your answer on this giveaway post and don’t forget to tell me where you shared the giveaway link.¬† a) KILLER WHALE…watching¬†¬† b) Recession Diamonds¬†¬† c) Los Angeles’ POP’s. (3 entries)

Additional optional entries:

3) Share the giveaway link on FACEBOOK with the title “DailyDealn.com GIVEAWAY”. You MUST include the hashtag #WhaleWatchingDDGIVEAWAY in the share.¬†Please leave a comment on this giveaway post stating you shared on FACEBOOK.¬†(1 entry, once per day only)

4) Share the giveaway link on¬†TWITTER with the title “DailyDealn.com GIVEAWAY”. You MUST include the hashtag #WhaleWatchingDDGIVEAWAY in the share. Please leave a comment on this¬†giveaway post stating you shared on TWITTER. (1 entry, once per day only)

5) Share the giveaway link on your blog with the title “DailyDealn.com GIVEAWAY’. You MUST include the hashtag #WhaleWatchingDDGIVEAWAY in the share. (2 entries, once per day only)

6) ¬†“LIKE” the Daily Deal’n Facebook page. (2 entries)

7) “FOLLOW” the DailyDealn.com blog.¬† (2 entries)

8) “FOLLOW” @MsCourtneyBlack on Twitter (2 entries)

Winner will be announced within 72 hours after completion of giveaway (10/29/12)¬†so make sure to check back. If I do not hear from the winner in¬†5 days¬†a new winner will be drawn.¬†Don’t forget that ALL task entries must go through the Rafflecopter form. I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of entries :-).

Thanks again to the wonderful people at Harbor Breeze Cruises.

Stay in touch as there will be many more giveaways to come. Thanks to everyone in advance and Good Luck! Happy whale watching!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Los Angeles’ POP’s

H&M Steal

Coming off of Labor Day weekend I quickly had to share this Deal at a Steal. I went to the mall looking for something to wear to my Labor Day comedy show.

I¬†stumbled into H&M and found this…

Did you see that price?

Who doesn’t love metallics? Well, I guess there’s someone, but that someone is not me. You can do so much with it… dress it up or down.

  Here it is with a metallic belt I own. White shorts would also look really nice with this bronze color.

At this price I had to get 2, hee hee.


I don’t know if you can tell but this is cream with gold metallic. For my Labor Day All-White comedy show I wore this¬†shirt with the necklace, white jeans, and a pair of sexy heels.¬†I also made¬†the shirt¬†a little tighter in the waist by doing a gathering trick on the inside. Sorry I don’t have¬†a pic but I was rushing and didn’t even think about taking one. ¬†I have to remember that¬†I’m a blogger now, lol. Anyhoo, it ended up looking very classy clean and down-right cute¬†if I say so myself. ūüôā

I just purchased these on Sunday 9/2/12 so stop by your local H&M and see if they have any more. There were even some non-metallic fabrics, a black & white print and a kelly green version.

Happy shopping!

Day After Labor Day BBQ

So I spent my actual Labor Day doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I did tons of blog work, joke writing, and other computer-related jobs. Needless to say, what I did not do is attend a BBQ or more importantly eat any BBQ (1 of my favorite foods) or really, eat anyting at all.

So I made up for it today. This will probably gross out¬†all vegans, vegetarians, members of PETA, and all around animal lovers. I am a self-proclaimed carnivore and decided to share my glorious, fullfilling “Day After Labor Day BBQ” meal. When viewing pics keep in mind that I was starving!

– BBQ’d chicken, steak, pork, couple of ribs my guy made,¬†and sliders

Potatoe salad

РFried white corn

Deviled eggs

I hope all my carnivorous friends enjoy the view as much as I enjoyed the plate. I was going to make a green salad but… where would I put it?

 Okay, this is my boyfriends plate, not mine.

¬† Here’s mine, lol, not much better.

Don’t worry, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We both left¬†more than¬†half of our plates full. They¬†will be cleaned at a later time. Like in a couple of hours¬†;-).

I hope you all had a very lovely Labor Day!

Recession Diamonds

Here is another Daily Deal‘n video.

Ladies, are you okay receiving these as a gift from a man? Let me know your thoughts.

Men, how do feel about giving such a gift? Are you the type that if you can’t afford diamonds you’ll wait until you can? Share your thoughts.

Happy Labor Day!!! Be safe and enjoy.

(Groupon white topaz earrings)


Hey guys,

Still looking for something to do for Labor Day? Sunday Septmber 2, 2012 I’ll be performing on a fabulous yacht. We leave from Marina Del Rey for a 4 hour trip. ALL you can eat, open bar ALL night, funny comics, and a fantastic fashion show. How sexy is that????

Tickets are selling out. Get yours NOW!!!


FOR SALE: BCBG, Brand new 2012 line

BRAND New, NEVER worn, tags still on. Make an offer.¬† Items are now on sale so check the internet for the lowest price and we’ll¬†talk :-).

Runway Magda Color-Blocked Dress – orig. $458.00, size extra-small but doesn’t look it¬†@ all.

Letesia Ankle A-Line Skirt – orig. $378.00, was on sale, paid $220.00, size small w/elastic waist

Runway Kesi Blouse– orig. $248.00, size small