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#MyLastOf2012 …

What are your ‘lasts of 2012’??? …Last Meal, Drink, Weigh-In, Shower, Joke, Show, Check, Job, Bill, Gift, Dress, Tweez, Kiss, Laugh, Date, Shoe, Floss, Nap, Outfit, Love! Share your answer using #MyLastOf2012.

Here is my last meal of 2012… Grilled portabella mushroom, asparagus, baked potato, & a delicious steak. #MyLastOf2012

Last1Meal2012     Last2Meal2012

In staying in the realm of “DailyDealn.com”, I must confess that I bought the asparagus and the portabella mushrooms from the 99c Store. Yes, they have FRESH, namebrand veggies.  ‘Greeeeeen Giant’, sing along with me. There is no excuse for you to still be cooking carbs from a box. Just make sure you check the date on ALL foods from ANY store. The steak and potatoes where normally priced.

Portabella       Cheese

Before putting on the grill, I put a mixture Trader Joe’s “Chevre goat cheese with kalamata olives” & Kraft mozzarella cheese on the mushrooms. I tossed the asparagus with olive oil, salt, garlic powder (I usually use real garlic but didn’t want to spend the time), and fresh lemon juice then placed on the grill.

Such a delicious gourmet meal at an inexpensive price. Winning!!!

Happy New Year ‘s!!! Love Bless with much Success!!!

Shrimp Tacos

Easy, light, fresh, and won’t break your budget.


Corn Tortillas

Raw Shrimp (you can get as much or as less as you need, 1/4lb will feed 2 ppl. Even @ $8/lb, that’s only $2 for your tacos :-). I also split them lengthwise before cooking)

Cilantro (I used as lettuce but you can also add shredded lettuce or cabbage)

Tomatoes, chopped

Fresh lime, squeeze on taco

Onion, chopped (optional)

Crumbled El Mexicano Queso Casero cheese (but any type will do)

Cilantro lime dressing, sour cream or my new ‘light’ favorite, plain yogurt (tastes the same and less calories)

Sautee shrimp in pan w/ a lil olive oil, Old Bay Seasoning, and fresh lemon or lime juice. Basically, season to your taste. If you like garlic…add it, you’re eating it. Shrimp cooks quickly so as soon as it turns pink get ready to take it off the stove. While sauteeing, warm tortillas in microwave or one-by-one on a gas burner, flipping once. That’s it! Fill warm tortillas with all ingredients and enjoy. Serve with warmed tortilla chips and guacamole if you have it.