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Can I Make You A Drink?

Tired of seeing my collection of alcohol collecting on top of a chopping board cart, I decided it was time to acquire a liquor cabinet. That decision led to me scouring Craigslist like a furniture  fiend. I was determined to find a deal! And what a deal I found.

I finally came across a piece that was originally from World Market, Pier One Imports, or something like that. It was in my perfect matching decor of dark brown and the perfect size. It was listed for $50 but I got it for $25. This occurred for 2 reasons…1) the girl was deeply in the middle of moving out of her residence and needed to liquidate quickly 2) she hadn’t even used the piece in this new apartment because in her last move she taped the doors down which stripped the finish (as you can see in the pics below). As I debated with her about taking on a DIY project the price dropped. 🙂


First I removed all the hardware. Then, I covered the glass with printer paper (make do with what you have) so that the paint would not get on the glass. Next, I sanded down the areas where the tape was (in the above pictures) to smooth it out. Then I painted the entire piece with RUST-OLEUM Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in Satin dark walnut.

The final result was fabulous. I am so happy I found the perfect piece. It was easy and fun to rehab and it makes me proud every time I look at it. What do you think?


ps. Since the rehab I have already put a nick on the bottom right drawer :-(. I’ll fix it as soon as I find the time. C’est la vie!